2020 Award of Merit Recipients

People Saving Places Through Preservation

2020 Award of Merit Recipients

Napa County Landmarks Award of Merit has 6 categories and criteria to encourage local preservation of historic places, landscapes, sites and districts. In 2020 we are pleased to announce 7 recipients.

   Category #1 is for Preservation or Restoration of an existing historic building at least 50years old. Its description is: preservation places a high standard on the retention of existing form, integrity and materials of an historic property through protection, conservation, maintenance and repair. The project should reflect the building’s continuum over time, through successive occupancies and the respectful changes that have been made. Restoration focuses on the retention of form, features and character from another period and limiting the upgrades to mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

   There are 4 recipients in this category: The Telesis House, The Gordon Building, Salvador Union School and The Zuk Financial Building.  Click on each building to read more.

   Category #2 is for Rehabilitation or adaptive reuse of an historic building. Its description is: rehabilitation emphasizes the retention and repair of an historic materials, however, provides for more latitude for replacements as it is assumed the property is more deteriorated prior to work. This category also allows for changes necessary to allow the historic structure to be put to a new use.

    There are 3 recipients in this category: The Gordon Building, 1881 Napa Wine History Museum and 405 Jefferson Street. Click on each building to read more.

    Category #5 is for Preservationist of the Year. Its description is: An individual who has made exceptional efforts and a significant contribution to protecting and preserving irreplaceable historic sites/resources in Napa County.

     This category recipient is Rob Grassi. Click on his name to read more.