Brannan Cottage Inn Rehabilitation Project

UPDATE:The Brannan Cottage Inn has won the “Best Hotel Renovation” from Sunset Travel Awards for 2015! Read about the award by clicking here! (PDF 500kB)

ExteriorIn 1857 a San Francisco entrepreneur, Samuel Brannan purchased land at the north end of the Napa Valley known as Hot Springs Township. Hoping to capitalize on the area’s mineral waters and natural hot springs, Brannan saw the potential of Calistoga to become a resort destination. Brannan sold plots of his land to finance the development of the resort based around the geothermal resources. Billed as the Saratoga Springs of the west, Sam Brannan’s Hot Spring’s resort opened its doors in 1862. The hotel included guest cottages, bathing pools, landscaped parks, stables, a dance pavilion, and an observatory. The hotel attracted wealthy guests from San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area looking to escape the city fog and summer in the Napa Valley. Brannan encouraged the development of the town to support his resort and laid out commercial and residential plots near the resort.  Located at 109 Wapoo Street in Calistoga, the Brannan Cottage Inn is one of three of the original Sam Brannan resort cottages and the only one that is still in its original location.

Last year, Napa County Landmarks was contacted by the owner of the property to assist with the preservation and restoration of the National Register listed property (NR# 83001211). Over the past year Napa County Landmarks has worked with the owners, contractors, and city employees to ensure that the project complied with Secretary of Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. We provided a current condition assessment, historic architectural review, recommendations, and a preservation plan. Today, the Brannan Cottage Inn restoration is complete and beautiful.

By assisting with the preservation and restoration of this amazing property the unique character of the property were protected. Also, through the diligent efforts of the owners, city employees (particularly the planning department), and the contractors, the historic Brannan Cottage will be around for many more years to come.