UPDATED: NCL Response to the Napa Earthquake

UPDATE 10/15: 

We are excited to let you all know we have assessed approximately 300 historic buildings and structures post-earthquake in an effort to assist the community and the city in their recovering efforts. Our presence in the field is to not only assess buildings, but to also answer questions, and provide guidance related to the historic preservation and disaster response. In an effort to provide better service we are going to post the list of properties that we have been out to assess. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.  




GOAL: $15,000

Contributions will be used for the NCL emergency response and recovery fund for the South Napa Earthquake.

UPDATE 10/3: 

Please come to the Local Assistance Center (LAC) where Stacey De Shazo, Director of Napa County Landmarks will help guide home and business owners with special considerations for damaged historical buildings. Click here for more local programs at the LAC.

 Saturday, October 4th at 12:30pm
LAC, 301 First Street, Napa


UPDATE 9/25: 

Starting on Friday, 9/26 Napa County Landmarks will have a ‘chair’ at the Local Assistance Center (LAC) to help guide home owners and business owners with “special” considerations for the repair of damage historic resources. We will be available during specific hours at the LAC to answer questions regarding historic materials, style, integrity, significance, and history to help property owners through the daunting task of restoration after a disaster. 

The Local Assistance Center is located at 301 First Street, Napa. 



Obama declares Napa and Solano County a Major Disaster

A Major Disaster can be a result of hurricanes, earthquakes, flood, tornados or major fires; the President then determines warrants supplemental federal aid. The event must be clearly more than state or local governments can handle alone. If declared, funding comes from the President’s Disaster Relief Fund, managed by FEMA and disaster aid programs of other participating federal agencies.


UPDATE 9/12: 

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Napa County Landmarks is very pleased to announce that we met our original goal of $10,000 for the South Napa Earthquake Emergency Response Fund. With these funds we are providing assessments to the historic, yellow- and red-tagged buildings in Napa County. With additional funds, we can provide further assistance and possible financial donations for recovery efforts.

UPDATE 9/9: 

For over a week, our qualified Volunteer Assessment Team has been hard at work providing disaster historic buildings assessments on yellow- and red-tagged buildings in Napa County. So far, the team has assessed over 120 historic structures in Napa County. Our Team is made up of qualified architectural historians and historic preservationists that have volunteered their services to assist the recovery efforts help to preserve and restore our beautiful historic buildings. If you need your building or structure assessed please now if it is on the cities historic resource inventory list and is yellow- or red-tagged one of our Volunteer Assessment Team members will be by soon to review the exterior. If your building has not been yellow- or red-tagged and you believe you have damaged that needs to be assess, please contact the City of Napa first to be put on the list as they are providing NCL with updated lists to assist with efficiency. If you have any questions about the process or when we will get to your building or structure, please send us an email at info@napacountylandmarks.org

UPDATE 8/29: 

Thanks to efforts of Napa County Landmarks staff, board, Naomi Miroglio and Architectural Resources Group, ZFA Structural Engineers Chris Jonas, Dennis Fagen, and Steven Heyne, Garavaglia Architecture, as well as the City of Napa, the California Preservation Foundation, The National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Office of Historic Preservation for all the support and time. 

UPDATE 8/26: 

Click here for a list of red-tagged buildings in the City of Napa, and click here for an interactive map of the red- and yellow-tagged properties.

Local architects and structural engineers are already doing assessments. NCL is in the process of setting up a historic preservation response center. We will give you a phone number and address as soon as we can.

NCL hopes everyone is staying safe and being careful after the earthquake. Currently we are providing support throughout the city during this difficult time. If you own or manage historic property affected by the Napa Earthquake, it is important to know where to turn for preservation assistance and guidance immediately after a disaster affects your building. Unless assessment and remedial actions are taken in a timely manner, historic and cultural resources may be unnecessarily damaged or lost. NCL is available by email at info@napacountylandmarks.org and via phone at 707-255-1836.

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