Preservation Urgent Alert!

York Creek Bridge, St. Helena.
Caltrans intends to remove and replace the stone rails of the York Creek Bridge (near Beringer Vineyards) and the Sulphur Creek Bridge (near Gott’s Roadside) in St. Helena.
Both of these bridges have served the community well for over a century, and can continue if Caltrans leaves them in place. There are irreplaceable parts of the unique cultural heritage of both St Helena and Napa County.
We urge Caltrans to listen to the community and leave these historic bridges and their parapets in place.
Public comments on these projects should be sent by by Nov. 19th to:
Nathan Roberts, Associate Environmental Planner
P.O. Box 23660, Office of Environmental Analysis, MS-8B,
Oakland, Ca  94623-0660;
or email to
The link describing the projects is as follows:
Project Description
Sulphur Creek Bridge, St. Helena.
Preservation Action Committee
Napa County Landmarks