Moms, Movie Stars and More! – Postponed!

Example of Home Hospital Maternity Wards circa 1890s.

The main focus of this tour will be the 400 block of Randolph and Franklin Streets. Historically, within this block there were a number of home hospitals owned and operated by local nurse practitioners.  One particular property, 411 Randolph Street (The Inn on Randolph), was the site of the birth of 100 local babies.

The neighboring property was the temporary residence of Carol Lombard and her husband Clark Gable. She was filming the movie “They Knew What They Wanted” in 1940.

The tour will detail the neighborhood history of the buildings as well as their architectural styles.


Since this tour will be held the day before Mother’s Day, light refreshments will be offered in celebration of mothers!

Saturday, May 9th, 2020
1 to 3 PM

Tickets are:

$15 NCL Members
$20 Non-members
$ 25 Day of the Event