Build Date:  Original, 1886; Re-built, ca. 1900

Location:  St. Helena Highway, Rutherford

Current Status:  Endangered

Threat:  Deterioration


Significance: The Rutherford Station is again on our list this year, as this resource is one of our top priorities at Napa County Landmarks. The history of the Rutherford Station began in 1871, when the Napa Valley Railroad extended its line northward toward Calistoga and established a temporary end-of-track within the small community called “Rutherford”. The area and the train were named after Thomas Rutherford who had received 1,040 acres of land after marrying the granddaughter of local settler George C. Yount. According to an 1882 interview in the St. Helena Star, Thomas Rutherford paid the railroad for a new train terminal to spare his new wife and family the inconvenience of bumpy wagon rides from the old Yountville terminus to their Upvalley lands.


Currently, the Rutherford Station retains integrity of location design, setting, materials, feeling and association and is recommended by Napa County Landmarks as eligible for listing on the National Register, the California Register, and the County Historic Resource Inventory list under several criteria.

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